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Black chebureks and flatbread with truffles: What to try at the Journey to Christmas festival

Over 90 cafes and restaurants will offer house specialties to festival visitors.

Visitors to the Journey to Christmas festival will be offered an extensive menu: meat, fish and vegetable dishes, pies and pancakes with nourishing and sweet fillings and even omelettes and porridges. As many as 96 Moscow cafes and restaurants are taking part in the festival.

Gourmets are advised to taste unusual cuttlefish ink chebureks and flatbread with truffles and quail eggs. Fans of holiday classics will enjoy the Soviet New Year menu and a special assortment of dishes.

Those with a sweet tooth should try the traditional Christmas gingerbread, the food symbol of our city, the “Moscow” cake and European sweetmeats such as Kaiserschmarren and churros. All these sweets can be washed down with lemonade, alcohol-free hot mulled wine, aromatic coffee or alpine herb tea.

Russian pastries and European cuisine

On Kuznetsky Most Street near TsUM, chefs will surprise the passers-by with strange and exotic pastry recipes. On offer are pastries with cabbage or pickle fillings, cheese, truffle and quail egg flatbreads as well as pastry prepared according to an old Russian recipe with pumpkin, groats of millet and veal entrails together with a legendary Cantonese-style meat pastry.

Those walking across Tverskaya Square will be able to enjoy favourites from European cuisine: Wiener Schnitzel, sun-dried tomato pasta, seafood paella cooked on the fire and for dessert, cream-filled marzipan, Austrian Kaiserschmarren and Spanish churros.

Nearby on Tverskoi Boulevard, you can have fried sweet potato and chicken and cheese fondue, Austrian doughnuts and cinnamon cracknels or just drink a cup of coffee cooked on the sand.

Back in USSR

The new Journey to Christmas site on Slava Square in Kuzminki invites guests to favourites from a Soviet holiday menu. They include, for example, fish in marinade, jellied chicken, cabbage and eggs pie and sprats sandwiches. You can order a Back in USSR set, including three herring black bread toasts, potato balls, sauerkraut and a tangerine. This nourishing lunch can be polished off with classical lemonade or Duchess Pear soda. The “Moscow” cake is served here as a sweet course.

Black chebureks and grilled dishes

On Gorodetskaya Street, festival guests should look out for the unique black chebureks cooked with cuttlefish ink. Chicken paella, mackerel smoked using alder sawdust and Raclette melted Swiss cheese are also on offer here.

On Stroginsky Boulevard, visitors can enjoy an extensive grill menu: sausages, pork ribs and grilled meat dumplings. Those with a sweet tooth will certainly like maple syrup and chocolate thick pancakes as well as cocoa with cream and marshmallow soufflé.

The Moscow winter festival Journey to Christmas is being held at 78 sites all over the city. In the centre, throughout the city districts and in the parks, people are invited to watch ice ballets, by Russian and European performers and concerts by popular singers. They can admire the decorated Christmas trees and attend sports games, workshops and guided tours. In holiday kiosks, visitors will find hand-made Christmas-tree decorations and unusual New Year souvenirs.

Black chebureks and flatbread with truffles: What to try at the Journey to Christmas festival