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Arts Night: The uniter

Arts Night will go on throughout the city in museums, theatres, cultural centres, the Ostankino Television Tower and even railway stations.

The 6th All-Russian Arts Night will take place on 4 November. Art lovers will be welcomed at museums, theatres, cultural centres, libraries, the Kievsky and Rizhsky railway stations, the Ostankino Television Tower and also the Moscow Planetarium.

The upcoming event, due to be held under the slogan Art the uniter, will focus on interaction between generations.
“We have decided to focus on the generation gap and to hold the event under the motto Minus 25/Plus 75. It seems to us that young people express very radical art concepts which are at times not accepted by the older generation. This is simply not true. We can see that a lot of older people like some of the creations produced by young talented people. At the same time, we have observed that the younger generation from time to time appreciate things that date back to a very long time ago,” Moscow Government Minister and Head of the City Department of Culture Alexander Kibovsky noted.
According to Mr Kibovsky, the aim of this annual event is to motivate people to visit cultural centres more often. He also mentioned the Rizhsky and Kievsky railway stations where event organisers have prepared a very exquisite programme.
“As a rule, we try to involve places that are frequented by the masses on a daily basis. When people start taking part in art events, they derive additional pleasure from it because some of them normally try and shy away from anything to do with it. We hope that such an event will motivate them. By the way, on the whole, we get very good feedback in this connection. A lot of people become interested in art, after going to certain events,” Mr Kibovsky said.
Arts Night will not only be in many of Moscow’s administrative areas but also in 85 Russian regions as well. There are plans to hold over 2,500 events nationwide.

Welcome to the museum!

Art connoisseurs will be able to choose the best Russian museums by voting on the Kultura.rf website from 4 November until December. Voting returns will be summed up in late 2018.There will be prizes to be won too.

Most importantly, Arts Night aims to attract museum-goers, Multimedia Art Museum Director Olga Sviblova noted.
“As I see it, the event mostly aims to attract people to the museums. We see the results when people don’t have to pay to enter such places. We need to motivate everyone to visit museums. We must see to it that all our visitors become interested in art from an early age. Apart from merely knowing the history of art, it is important to understand that everything we see at museums allows us to view any aspect of life, mostly our own life, from a previously unseen angle,” she added.

Ostankino Television Tower at night and world premiere

On 4 November, the city will mark the 51st anniversary of the Ostankino Television Tower, due to debut in the upcoming event; and the Tower will be open all night long. People will be able to visit the upgraded interactive multimedia facility with guided tours to music from DJ Nick Zavriyev.

Symbolically, event participants will watch the unique Concert for Hologram with Orchestra No 1.The current year is dedicated to Russian ballet.
“This is a mixture of cutting-edge technology, the great art of ballet dancing and an integrated symphony orchestra. Bolshoi Theatre prima ballerinas Olga Smirnova and Yekaterina Shipulina are our main protagonists. They are our trailblazers and muses,” Mariya Gusarova, Director for Development of the Art Centre-Moscow Cultural-Exhibition Project, noted.
Audiences will see real wonders, including holographic projections of leading Russian ballet stars who will transform themselves into such things as birds.

Special programmes: discussions, experiments and fashion shows

For the first time, people from professional communities, opinion leaders and independent city experts were engaged in the development of the Arts Night programme. Among them were composer Alexander Manotskov, directors from the Fashion programme at the HSE Design School, the creators of the TV show Voice 60+ and others. They looked for new formats, combining music, video art, design and multimedia.

Zvezda Cinema

Between 8 and 11 pm, Zvezda Cinema will host meetings with well-known people. Composer and pianist Kirill Rikhter will discuss current music with philosopher and musicologist Vladimir Martynov, and debutant director Alexander Gorchilin will talk about cinema with Sergei Solovyov.

Moscow Planetarium

Between 10 pm and 2 am, the Moscow Planetarium will host a marathon of experimental music and video art. The most attractive and promising Russian projects will be presented that have been created by people under 25 years old, including Dadaisme, Koyil, Yevgeny Bylina, Connexion, Måla, and Marble Bust.

The visual programme will be represented by the Sila Sveta international studio of interactive media. This includes light installations, projection shows and other projects of digital and light art, as well as the latest technological developments.

Rizhsky Railway Station

The Rizhsky Railway Station will host a fashion show of young Russian fashion designers - students from the HSE School of Design. Developing the theme of inter-generational dialogue, non-professional models of different ages will take part in the show. Musical accompaniment will be provided by the Moscow disco-punk band Wet Red and the Intourist project of Yevgeny Gorbunov. The organizers of the vintage pop-up market Vintage Marketplace will present a performance dedicated to the idea of conscious fashion. The event will take place from 10 pm to 3 am.

Kievsky Railway Station

The waiting room at Kievsky Railway Station will turn into a concert venue. From 7 to 10.30 pm, singers over 75, representing Moscow cultural centres, will perform with the Russian Seeing-Off choir performance by composer Alexander Manotskov, based on the story “A Journey from St Petersburg to Moscow” by Alexander Radishchev.

Also, participants of the Voice 60+ TV show will give a concert here.

Zaryadye Park

The choir of the New Jerusalem Monastery will perform at the Media Centre of Zaryadye Park with church chants, folklore and songs from the war years. It starts at 8 pm.

Museum of Moscow

The Parade of Percussion Instruments, a professional competition for music schools students, will be held at the Museum of Moscow Lecture Hall. At the Red Hall, a DOS producer will give a lecture on “How to Record a Track: Inside Out. Then a concert by students and teachers will take place: over 100 people will perform a musical composition on laptops.

Children will enjoy free animation workshops along with the Big Cartoon Festival. The event will be complemented by Pyotr Termen’s sound experiment on the theremin, an electro-musical instrument that his great-grandfather invented in 1920. Diverse improvisation will be accompanied by an avant-garde video series.

Multimedia Art Museum

The Multimedia Art Museum will offer a few exhibits.

Among them is a retrospective by US contemporary artist Jim Dine, to be held in Russia for the first time.

Another attractive exhibit will be presented by the art duet Masbedo (Nicolo Massarazza and Jacopo Bedogni), The Art of Memory, being held with the participation of the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow.

Another exhibit is dedicated to artist Viktor Pivovarov, one of the founders of Moscow conceptualism.

Gallery on Solyanka

For the first time in the history of the Arts Night event, Night Galleries will be held at the State Gallery on Solyanka. Starting at 6 pm on 4 November, well-known actors, directors and social media stars will show their favourite animated films in a 24-hour non-stop format. Everyone will make a one-hour selection and speak talk about it.

The exhibition of independent animation from all over the world, Borisopavlovskiyev Wake, will feature the best and most popular animation by legendary animators, including Yury Norshtein, Andrei Khrzhanovsky, Alexander Petrov, Bill Plympton, The Brothers Quay (Stephen and Timothy), Oscar winner Adam Elliot and Japanese Oscar winner Koji Yamamura.

Moscow Zoo

The Moscow Zoo will present the Animals in Art programme. Visitors will be told how animals star in films and become literary characters. A separate lecture will be devoted to animals in the traditional art of the East - from snow leopards to birds of paradise. Also, visitors will enjoy the Selected Totems family quest about the zoo's iconic animals.

Vysotsky House

The musical and poetic performance, Hello, Vladimir Vysotsky!, will be presented at the Vysotsky House on Taganka. The performance is based on letters and postcards from the actor's fans. The letters help not only to understand how the audience imagined Vysotsky, but also create a picture of life at that time.

Gallery on Shabolovka

The Strange Dances concert & performance will take place at the Gallery on Shabolovka. The project by young Moscow pianist and composer Igor Yakovenko, a member of the jazz trio and the author of the experimental project Aphonic, is dedicated to the work of Velimir Khlebnikov.

Biology Museum

The Timiryazev State Biology Museum will host a personal exhibition by Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, the Pink Book Collection No. 2. According to the artist, the Pink Book is the prototype of an “unripe” Red Book. The author includes familiar natural items in it, believing that they could “turn red” with time, that is, become extinct.

Art Centre Moscow

The Art Centre. Moscow cultural & exhibition space will present a new format show - Concert for a Hologram with an Orchestra No. 1. The holographic performance includes the ballets Swan, The Taming of the Shrew and Russian Seasons to be performed by star dancers from the Bolshoi Theatre Olga Smirnova and Yekaterina Shipulina. The concert will be accompanied by a live performance of the First Symphony Orchestra led by conductor and composer Sergei Zheludkov.

Admission to all events is free, but some events will require prior registration on the official website of the festival.

Arts Night is among one of the most important local art occasions involving 440,000 people last year.

Arts Night: The uniter