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Archaeological finds and Peter the Great’s fleet: Light shows on Manezh

A series of three novellas will be shown every night between 18 and 30 September on the facade of the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. The light shows will use video mapping technology.

Manezhnaya Square will be the place to go to watch a series of light shows dedicated to Moscow’s historical heritage and famous residents. Video mapping will be used on the façade of the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall to show ancient objects found by Moscow archeologists as well as portraits of Peter the Great, Alexander Suvorov, Alexander Pushkin and other famous people who one way or another have something to do with Moscow.

There will be three films in total: Archaeological Moscow, Great Muscovites and Moscow for Children the latter of which is intended for youngsters together with their parents. The shows will be held between 8 pm and 10 pm every night from 18 to 30 September.

“The Archaeological Moscow light show is dedicated to the capital’s past. Objects found by archeologists such as frescos, coins, decorations and crafted items will be drawn on Manezh’s façade with light. The audience will see how Muscovites lived many centuries ago, how they dressed and where they went in their free time. The next film will be dedicated to famous Muscovites, such as Ivan Fyodorov, creator of the first Russian printing press. The façade will show styled pages of Apostle, the first book printed in Russia,” said Head of the Moscow Department of Sports and Tourism Nikolai Gulyayev.

Another famous resident of Moscow who will be featured in the film is Peter the Great, the first Russian emperor who founded St Petersburg and created the Russian Navy. Projections of 18th century ships and boy-soldiers from the Preobrazhensky and Semyonvsky regiments will appear on the façade of the Manezh.

Some projections will be dedicated to the military leader Alexander Suvorov who was never defeated during his career and to a famous explorer of Siberia and Kamchatka Stepan Krasheninnikov. The film will conclude with a scene dedicated to the Muscovites who symbolise Russian science and culture: mathematician Sofya Kovalevskaya, geneticist Nikolai Vavilov, poet Alexander Pushkin and theatre director Konstantin Stanislavsky.

During the Moscow for Children event fairy tales and rare marine animals as well as ship wrecks will be beamed onto the Manezh’s façade among other things. At any given moment, the façade will be transformed into a giant zoo, followed by a theatre, a museum or a circus.

The light show on Manezhnaya Square will not be the only one to see this autumn. The eighth Circle of Light Moscow international festival will take place between 21 and 25 September. Light and musical shows will be held at 7.30 pm and 11 pm every day on Theatre Square, in Park Pobedy on Poklonnaya Gora, at Tsaritsyno and Kolomenskoye museum estates as well as on the Grebnoi Canal. The façades of the Bolshoi Theatre, the Maly Theatre, the Russian Academic Youth Theatre and the Victory Museum will become large screens for video projections.


Archaeological finds and Peter the Great’s fleet: Light shows on Manezh