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History of Moscow in four minutes: Model of Moscow Pavilion to launch a new light show

Visitors will learn how Moscow has grown and developed since its inception.

The Model of Moscow Pavilion at VDNKh is launching a new light show for the City Day, Department of Urban Development Head Sergei Lyovkin reports.

“Visitors will learn how the city has grown and developed since its inception, how it has been influenced by historical events, and what the priorities were for its advancement in different epochs,” Mr Lyovkin said. “The new show relies on the pavilion’s entire technical potential. The model’s interactive full-colour lighting system will make it possible to simulate natural light (day or night). A large-format screen will display historical documents, while the model itself will highlight cultural and historical monuments referred to in the narrative,” he added.

The History of Moscow show will last for four minutes. The first presentation is scheduled for 2 pm on 8 September and this will be followed every hour on the hour by several other shows, such as The Megalopolis of Moscow, The Four Seasons, and Moscow’s Architectural Styles. The schedule is available on the pavilion’s website.

The Model of Moscow Pavilion opened on Lilac Alley last September and has received over 115,000 visitors.

Currently, the 1:400 model measures 370 square metres and features 19,843 city centre buildings. The display spans the area from the Square of Three Rail Terminals in the northeast, to the Hammer and Sickle plant in the east, the Moscow Youth Palace in the southwest, and the Belorussky Railway Station in the west.

The model will be complete by 2020, when it will measure 925 square metres.

History of Moscow in four minutes: Model of Moscow Pavilion to launch a new light show