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Museums of Moscow

GULAG museum

City tour “Jews in period of GULAG” visiting GULAG museum ( the exhibition dedicated to a tragic period in history of our country – the Epoch of Mass Terror) and Donskoy Monastery where the graves of famous jews are.

Russian Museum of Decorativ, Applied and Folk Arts with a lesson in some traditional craft

(Only for groups of more then 6 pax). The museum has a combination of items of artistic handiscraft, folk artistic pieces,decorative and applied author’s works of russian artists for the period from 14th till 20th century.

Meyerhold House-museum

Russia during Stlalin’s repressions: Meyerhold House-museum. V.Meyerhold was a world-known russian theatrical director and theorist. Duiring Stalin’s repressions he was arrested, tortured and killed. GULAG museum. The exhibition is devoted to tragic pages in history of our country in1918-1955.

House-museum of Leo Tolstoy

House-museum of Leo Tolstoy in Khamovniky. The museumis the urban mansion of Leo Tolstoy, where he spent with his family 19 winters – from 1882 till 1901. All the house’s fernishing is authentic (over 4.500 objects).

Yasnaya Poliana

Day trip to Yasnaya Poliana. The State Memorial and Natural Reserve Museum-Estate of Leo Tolstoy “Yasnaya Poliana” is located 200 km south of Moscow. Here L.Tolstoy was born in 1828, here L.Tolstoy wrote many of his books (“War and Peace” among them) and here his grave is situated.

Borodino battle museum

Borodino battle museum-where the events of the book are reveled. Along with the Borodino panorama (size 115x15 m), are displayed weapons, uniform of russian and french armies, sculptures and painting.

Novodevichi convent & Cementry

It is one of the most significant architectural monuments in Moscow after the Kremlin. The Complex of the museum consists of architectural ensemble of the 16-17 centuries.

Zurab Tseretelli Art Gallery

Z.Tsereteli is the Presedent of the Russian Academy of Arts. His sculptures are displayed in 14 countries: Russia, Georgia, Spian, Italy, Frans, the United States and others. The diversity of the artist’s endeavors is impressive: painting, graphic, sculptures, ceramics, decorative and applied art.

Military-Historical Museum of Armored Vehicles and Equipment

During World War II the USSR received American tanks under Lend-Lease.

Sergeev Posad (ex-Zagorsk-70 km).

Sergeev Posad (ex-Zagorsk-70 km). In this town The Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra is situated – the main russian monastery, the largest religious center and a place of holy pilgrimage.

Pushkin State Museum of fine Arts

Pushkin State Museum of fine Arts. The museum represents masterpieces of foreign art from the most ancient times till nowdays: painting, plastics, applied art. Visitors can see masterpieces of Botticelli,Rubens, Poussin, Bucher, Manet, Degas, Renuare, Sezanne, Van Gogh, Gaugin, Mattisse, Picasso.

Tretyakov Gallery

Tretyakov Gallery. The Gallery is the main museum of Russian art, representing the evolutin of russian painting in 11-20th century.

Hill of Glory (Poklonnaya Hill)

Hill of Glory (Poklonnaya Hill) – a memorial complex dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War. It’s one of the most picturesque sities of Moscow: squares, splendid fountains, 140-meter-high column with a Nica statue and the Museum of Victory

Museum of lifestyle of the 17th centuare – Boyars Romanov’s chamber

Museum of lifestyle of the 17th centuare – Boyars Romanov’s chamber. According to the legend, Michail Romanov, the first Tzar of the Romanov Dinasty was born here in 1613. And the interior of the chambers is very much alike typical wealthy boyar house. This is the only museum where original home life before Peter the Greate is represented.

Lenin Mausoleum

Lenin Mausoleum, Revolutionary Necropolis, Graves of the leaders of the Communist party and soviet statesmen: Stalin, Brieznev, Suslov, the famous writer Gorky, the first world cosmonaut Gagarin etc.

Kremlin grounds with cathedrals and Armory chamber

Kremlin grounds with cathedrals and Armory chamber. Armory Chamber, a treasure house, is where the antient state regalia, ceremonial tzar’s vestiments, carriges and ceremonial horse harness are shown. The museum also displays remarkable monuments of decorative and applied art of Russia.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Cathedral of Christ the Savior – the largest russian church. It has the panoramic observation platform at 40 m and offers a fantastic view of the city.

Church of St.Basil the Blessed

Church of St.Basil the Blessed – utstanding example of russian architecture of 16th century is now regarded as a simbol of Moscow.

jewish museum 2 fotoJewish Museum and Tolerance Center

All museums are similar to some extent. Often it is a collection of items united by one theme, lying on display behind the glass. You cannot say the same about our museum. It is different. It is interactive. It is difficult to say what it resembles most, a museum in its conventional meaning or a theme park. The exposition imparts the information in a multitude of ways. It is multifaceted. It engulfs you, enters your mind and interacts with almost every single of your sense organs. And it is possible thanks to the cutting-edge audio-visual and computer technologies.