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Restaurants of Moscow

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Cafe Pushkin


The Cafe Pushkin Restaurant is easy to find in the very centre of Moscow, a few steps from Tverskaya Street and not far from such sights as the Museum of Oriental Art, the Pushkin Square, the Pushkin Theatre, the Monument of great Russian poet Sergej Esenin and etc.

Within a walking distance from Marriott Courtyard Moscow City Center Hotel and Marriott Grand Hotel.

This is a luxurious restaurant housed in a 19th century mansion with an ancient elevator. The Cafe Pushkin consists of 3 main halls on 3 levels and the interior decor revives the wonderful atmosphere of the early 20th century. The first level: the "Drugstore" room reminds of an old drugstore of the 19th century with such attributes as volumetric flasks, measuring glasses and pharmaceutical scales. The second level: the "Library" room with telescopes and terrestrial globes, bookshelves and ancient woodcuts. The third level: "Entresol" which is the balcony of the "Library" room. The covered summer terrace is situated on the roof of the restaurant. Other rooms are "Wine shop" and "Fireplace".

Capacity of the Cafe Pushkin Restaurant is 350 seats.

Splendid Russian and French. A big choice of muffins with different kinds of stuffing: red caviar, slightly frightened tongue and anion, smoked hen, prunes and walnut, with honey, apples and jam. "Filorett" - a kind of meat with an egg-plant and tomato baked under the cheese sauce is beyond compare.

Classical background music is provided.

Central House of Writers


The Central House of Writers Restaurant is situated in the so called old Moscow region which is famous for its mansions of beautiful architecture styles in the labyrinth of lanes, and is in 15 min walk to Arbat Street.

The elegant 100 year old mansion, now entirely reconstructed and renovated, houses the city’s most beautiful dining rooms. One of the most sumptuous eateries in the city with crystal chandeliers, rich wood panelling, fireplaces, and antique balustrades.

Capacity of the Central House of Writers Restaurant is 250 seats.

Russian and French. The Central House of Writers Restaurant offers exotic treats like Grilled Venison, Mushroom Soup served with fried mushrooms and cheese sippets or Pelmeni stuffed with smoked duck under basil sauce and ceps.

The restaurant is regularly visited by famous Russian writers and public figures. Moscow Major Yurij Luzhkov and the former USA President John Reigan have already appreciated the dishes of this restaurant.



The GlavPivTorg Restaurant is housed in the building of the former Ministry for Foreign Affairs on the first floor of which the historical pact of Molotov-Ribbentrop was signed. And just across the road there is the Federal Security Service (FSB) headquarters in Lubyanka.

The restaurant for certain reveals the atmosphere of 1960–1980s and boasts the interior where the ordinary Soviet superior worked. There are high “ministry” ceilings, red-and-green carpets, heavy vinous curtains on the huge windows, desks under green abat-jours and diplomas hanging on the walls. 

As any of Soviet ministries, the restaurant consists of the “Secretariate”, the Conference hall, the Cabinet of GlavPivTorg superior, the Library.

Capacity of the GlavPivTorg Restaurant is 230 seats in 4 halls.

Russian and European. The pride of the restaurant is “Zakroma Rodini” (homeland bins) – assorted home-made pickles, “Schnitzel Ministersky” – juicy chicken breast in crispy rusks, home-made jellied meat, vinaigrette with autumn mushrooms. The specialty is “table” or “amber” beer produced in the own brewery.
Live music. Music of Soviet time.



The restaurant is housed in the building that was once a part of Zaikonospasskiy Monastery, and is situated in front of the Bolshoi Theatre, close to Red Square and the Kremlin.
Within a walking distance from Metropol HotelArarat Park Hyatt HotelNational Hotel and Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel.

The entrance to the Godunov Restaurant represents a painted arch and its interior - the refectory chambers of the 17th century. In the restaurant there are oak tables covered with velvet table-cloths and heavy chairs with carved backs. Wall lamps are shaped as candlesticks with burning candles. The waiters wear traditional Russian dresses.

Capacity of the Godunov Restaurant is 160 seats. 

Russian. The menu of the restaurant offers an extensive choice of dishes prepared according to old Russian recipes. It includes the famous Guriev porridge, various meat and fish delicacies, appetizers, vodka liqueurs, mushrooms, and so forth.

Russian folk group and Gipsy shows are provided.



The Yar Restaurant is situated in a 15 min drive to the city centre.

The Yar Restaurant was founded in 1826, nowadays the Yar is completely restored, its interiors fully redecorated, but it preserves the atmosphere of the early 20 century. The marble columns and the walls of the main hall are 92 years old. History is preserved in the wonderful expensive paintings, in the exhibition of pre-revolutionary photographs of the “Yar”, in the antique chandeliers glittering with gold, in the balconies decorated with moldings, in the restored paintings of the borders and the ceiling.

Capacity of the Yar Restaurant is 300 seats.

Russian and European. The dietary and gourmet-like A La Carte offers such specialties like Russian caviar collection, Foie Gras of Duck on an apple pillow, garnished with glazed rhubarb and “Kvass” bread or Smoked tender duckling breast placed on mango and marinated strawberry salsa and much more.

The Yar has fed the likes of Tolstoy and Rasputin. The live cabaret show fascinates as the Yar is a big theater – large stage, artistic decorations, professional light and sound.



The Genatsvale Restaurant is situated in the very centre of Moscow in the famous Old Arbat Street.

Passing through the entrance in the form of a huge clay jug, you come into old Tiflis, bent stone-paved streets, wooden verandahs, cosy court yards where they cook chacha and dry linen, the wheel of a watermill is turning round slowly and fish splash in a stream. Soft light is coming from in the windows, and wind scatters the curtains. Old things - utensils - specially brought from different villages and small towns add to the atmosphere.

Capacity of the Genatsvale Restaurant is 200 seats.

Georgian. In the Genatsvale Restaurant it is worth tasting the most famous of Georgian dishes: satsivi and eggplants with nuts, lobio and mamaliga with cheese, harcho-soup and chashushuli, kupati and khachapuri. All these dishes are cooked by a charming Georgian cook who speaks with the real Georgian accent.

Certainly, the impression of meal will not be complete without the well-known Georgian wines. Kinzmarauli and Mukuzani, Ahasheni, Khvanchkara and Saperavi have absorbed the sun and the air of Georgia, smells of valleys and hillsides and as nothing else emphasize the original taste of national cuisine. Here it is possible to taste elite family wines of the rare native grapes of Imerti and Racha Lechkhumi regions. The restaurant offers that rarely to find Saperavi produced according to the ancient Kakhetinsky recipe with grape bunches in the jug.

In the evenings the connoisseurs of Georgian songs come to the Genatsvale Restaurant. The male ensemble sing the ballades very sincerely and beautifully. The guests are welcome to sing and dance, too.



The Tiflis Restaurant not far from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Ostozhenka Street and close to such city attraction as the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.

Within a walking distance from Tiflis Hotel.

Its interior is made in the best housing traditions of Tiflis of the 19th century, taking into account differences in the national coloring of various regions of the country. It can by right be called an islet of Georgian culture. Dim lighting, soft music and black-and-white photos of old Tbilisi give the Tiflis Restaurant the quiet charm and intimate atmosphere.

Capacity of the Tiflis Restaurant is 300 seats.

Classical Georgian. The Restaurant's rich menu represents quite comprehensively the wellness and variety of Georgian cuisine. It features traditional dishes of all historic regions of Georgia.



The Turandot Restaurant is situated on Tverskoy Boulevard a few steps from the famous Cafe Pushkin Restaurant. The owner of the both restaurants is the famous restaurateur Andrey Deloss.

Within a walking distance from Marriott Courtyard Moscow City Center Hotel and Marriott Grand Hotel.

The Turandot Restaurant is an establishment beyond the scope of definition “restaurant”, it’s a true luxury palace, all the interiors of which are hand-made. Here is the tinsel, the antiques, the majestic chandelier of Malaysian crystal with unique lightning, acting fireplaces, tapestries – and everything is genuine! The details of interior have been made for 6 years! Two workshops of wood-carvers, artists, sculptors have worked at them without a break. 
The restaurant has got 14 halls of 20 thousand sq. m. The tables boast china-ware – the XVIII century original copies. Three dozens of steps, winter gardens, frescos, pictures, silk carpets, vase collection of Min dynasty era. In the center – there’s a round hall with colonnade. Under a huge tree of bronze there’s a turning podium for an orchestra. Above it all there’s a mechanical peacock able to whirl and to flop, a grotesque hi-tech copy of the Hermitage statue in St. Petersburg. 

Capacity of the Turandot Restaurant is 500 seats. 

Chinese, Japanese. The menu was elaborated by Alan Yau, the only chef who was awarded two Michelin stars for the Asian cuisine. He offers the wide range of Chinese and Japanese dishes. It’s worth mentioning gentle ostrich fillet in bean sauce, Meru fish fillet with a sour-sweet sauce, Pekinese duck with beluga caviar, rolls with duck-chest, mango and crab salad. All the dishes are so excellent that the gourmets are at a difficult choice. 
Pay your attention to the dessert menu. Ice-cream and sorbets are from the Cafe Pushkin, while the desserts are all from the chef. For example, roll of chocolate-cigarette pastry with chocolate and pistachio creme brulee with vanilla “Bourbon”, hot lemon gratin with wild strawberry. 

Live music (harp, violin, cello) can be enjoyed from the turning podium every evening. Charming ladies start to play in 19.30.



The Shinok Restaurant is based on Ulitsa 1905 goda Street, not far from the World Trade Centre. 

Within a walking distance from Mezhdunarodnaya Hotel.

Restaurant is designed as a Ukrainian peasant house. The walls are decorated with embroidered towels and shelves with original Ukrainian kitchenware. In the centre of the restaurant there is a small yard with live domestic poultry and cattle: hens, turkeys, a sheep, cow and small rabbit. There are 6 small rooms around the yard. Four of them have windows with the view of the yard. 

Capacity of the Shinok Restaurant is 160 seats. 

Ukranian. On the menu: borsch, pasties, stuffed aubergines, Vareniki with cherries and buckwheat porridge, veal brains, raspberry mousse.



The restaurant is situated in the front of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Ostozhenka Street, close to the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Within a walking distance from Tiflis Hotel.

The Vanilla Restaurant is decorated in the hi-tech style with some elements of the Eastern minimalism including comfortable sofas, soft lighting of candles burning in the evening. The multi-level space and the symmetrically lined up furniture achieve the austere laconic style. The spacious hall contains a huge mirror.

Capacity of the Vanilla Restaurant is 240 seats.

French and Japanese. The menu tempts with avocado and spinach salad, beef seasoned in wine and light coffee dessert.

Artist Gallery


The Artist Gallery Restaurant is situated in the building of the Tsereteli Art Gallery, a beautiful mansion of late 18 century close to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. 

The Artist Gallery Restaurant is a marvelous place decorated with frescos, bronze bas-reliefs and mosaics of the famous Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli. 

The restaurant consists of 5 halls, each of which boasts its unique Interior: 
The “Flower” Hall - there are colorful posters of Z. Tsereteli’s works on the walls and the ceiling. 
The “Bronze” Hall of the famous sculptor is done in the moderate colours of the oriental engraving. 
The “Russian” and “Italian” Halls are decorated with the paintings of the famous Moscow artists, created under with direction of the monumentalist E.N. Maksimov and V.P. Psarev. 
The “Winter Garden” Hall is a magnificent hall with the high transparent ceiling and picturesque trees. 

All the halls boast the “castle” furniture with high backs and carved fly glassed tables made in France on the author’s project. 

Capacity of the Artist Gallery Restaurant is 350 seats in 5 halls. 

European, Georgian, Japanese. The fascinating dishes of Italian and French cuisine are emphasized due to creative shaping. The fish dish called "Bouillabaisse", for example, is served in a ladia boat under a sail, and the ladia is made of pastry. Sushi Bar is to surprise true gourmets.

Live music, mainly Classics, Jazz or Blues, is provided.

Bosco Cafe


The Bosco Cafe Restaurant is favorably situated on the first line on the ground floor of the famous GUM department store. It’s possible to enter it from Red Square and the GUM line as well, passing through Bosco Sport boutique.

Within a walking distance from Baltschug Kempinski HotelMetropol HotelNational HotelArarat Park HyattMarriott Royal Aurora HotelSavoy Hotel

The restaurant is designed in the classical Italian style. The interior is perfect to the single detail. Soft creamy colours together with unobtrusive elegant decor create especially comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. Late in May already the Bosco Cafe Restaurant opens wide its glass doors inviting to the summer terrace that boasts the view of the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin. 

Capacity of the Bosco Cafe Restaurant is 60 seats. 

Italian. The menu offers to enjoy such specialties as Mediterranean salad, “Tar-tar” of salmon, Carpaccio of beef fillet with Parmesan and mushrooms, asparagus baked with Montasio cheese, and much more of a variety of dishes of Italian haute cuisine.

Cafe Vogue


The Cafe Vogue Restaurant is situated in one of the central streets of the capital, in 10 min walk to the Bolshoi Theatre that stands in Theatre Square, Moscow’s central quarter not far from the Kremlin. 
Within a walking distance from Metropol HotelArarat Park Hyatt Hotel and Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel

The restaurant’s considered to be one of the glamour places of Moscow due to its super-stylish interior of the famous London designer Ann Boyd and European Fare. The restaurant hall is designed in plain colours: white walls and black sofas. Low tables, smooth arm-chairs and sofas, shelves with “Vogue” magazines – everything is very functional and comfortable. Columns are light and almost invisible. Classical crystal glass chandeliers are placed into silver plated plastic tubes. The grey linen curtains contribute to the aristocratic freedom and simplicity of the site. 

Capacity of the Cafe Vogue Restaurant is 120 seats in 2 halls. 

Real European. Vegetarian. The lamb leg with rosemary, the Foie Gras, or traditional Moscow dishes like pancakes with black caviar, vinaigrette with sprats – these are just examples of a list of specialties.

GQ bar


Bar is Arkady Novikov’s largest restaurant project. It includes three different spaces spread out over 1,500 square meters: a Mediterranean restaurant, a karaoke bar, and a traditional bar.

The “Russian Trend” section of the GQ Bar menu is a compilation of everyone’s favorite Russian dishes, which the head chef presents in new ways, with his own unique takes on the recipes. Traditional Russian ingredients sound modern, metamorphosing and revealing all the nuances of their flavor.

The three parts of the space have three completely different concepts. What unites them is a very clean design that is a symbiosis of the classical and the contemporary.

Mediterranean restaurant:
Light colors, very airy. GQ covers adorn the walls. The Heart room has a monumental open kitchen made of steel and black granite. Also present are natural onyx and Jurassic marble, the hue of which complements the 50s-style maple furniture that also occupies the space.

Karaoke bar:
High ceilings and large vaulted windows—features of an architectural monument. The walls are trimmed with teak, Southeast Asian style. Chinese lamps. Photographs of peculiar flowers line the walls; live orange trees and blooming orchids dot the room. Water purls in waterfall-fountains; big fans turn slowly on the walls. Karaoke lovers can make their judgment of the professional equipment, sound quality, acoustics, and the impressive backing-vocals function.

Traditional bar:
Expansive and light during the day thanks to the high ceilings and big vaulted windows. The interior features are timeless classics: white walls, dark oak, marble fireplace, severe Ralph Lauren furniture.



"SUDAR" is not only stilted conversion to man. It's our style, carefully attituded toward "old traditions" and considerable respect for every guest, who come to visit our restaurant.

Our hospitable restaurant was opened in 1995.

To visit "Sudar" means to visit a cozy house, where we reconstituted the climate of the noble family manor at the close of the 18th - beginning of the 19th century. In the "Sudar's" library you have an opportunity to look through some volumes and have diner in silence in the chimney-corner, it's nice to dream here, sitting on the little cushions in the sofa room, where you can find an old clock collection and a portrait collection. You can also retire from everybody in the room of "Sudarynya", having a look at old family photos, butterfly collection and pictures that were brought from some journey.

Sudar is located into a noble manor of late 18th - early 19th centuries on Moscow's busiest highway – Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Capacity: Three halls: 80, 20 and 40 seats, VIP Hall – 16 seats. Tourist Groups: up to 100 persons.
Cuisine: European, Russian, Mixed.
Features: VIP Cabins, Open Air Verandah.
Music: live, concert program, background, classics, pop/rock, folk, author's songs, chanson.
Clothes: Except for sportswear.
Parking: Secured.



This restaurant is located near the : Bolshoi theatre, Red Square, Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, The central bank of the Russian Federation, Central Department Store. It is one of the oldest in Moscow, existing since 1950s. Exquisite interior, soft light, cozy sofas, carved walls, ancient vases, crystal lamps, mahogany floors, hand-worked carpets.

Capacity: Seven halls: two banquet halls – 35, 18, 7, 4 seats, four cabins – 4, 4, 4, 7 seats. Tourist Groups: up to 250 persons. 
Cuisine: Arabic, Chinese, Uzbek.
Features: VIP Hall, VIP Cabins, Hall for Non-Smokers, Hookah, Open Air Verandah, Tables for non-smokers.
Music: alive music, concerts, backgammon, dance Floor, show Uzbek Ensemble of Oriental Music. 
Clothes: Not regulated.

Baba Marta


The restaurant is situated in on one of Moscow boulevards 

It’s a unique in Moscow Bulgarian restaurant that will offer colorful interior - the main details of which are bright red table cloths and curtains, wooden ceilings and wall decoration associated with true national design - in the atmosphere of joy and hospitality. 

Capacity is 100 seats. 

Bulgarian. The menu will attract with appetite names which reveal such national specialties like Snow-white salad (green salad with a gentle chicken fillet, cheese, a yellow apple and white croutons fried with honey and cognac seasoned with juicy sauce based of fresh orange juice and mayonnaise); beef tripe and pork roll with allspice cooked according to the old Bulgarian recipe revived by the chef of the house; grilled traditional homemade sausage from chop giblets and pork, fried rabbit meat stewed with potato, carrot and spinach puree and etc. The range of desserts will surprise with traditional Bulgarian sweet layer pie with pumpkin and walnuts or eggs whipped on milk, baked in sugar form. The place boasts elite Bulgarian wines.

Chez Pirosmani


The restaurant was called At Pirosmani's to honor the memory of Niko Pirosmanishvili (1862-1918), one of the greatest Georgian artists. And now, if you walking about Moscow drift into one of the most charming sights of the city - to the Novod'evichiy Convent, just across the street from the mighty walls and gilded domes built by the genius of the old Russian architects you will find yourself, quite unexpectedly, in a nook of the old Tbilisi. 

Capacity: large hall – 40 seats, small hall – 25 seats,terrace – 50 seats, Verandah - 30 seats.
Cuisine: Caucasion.
Features: Art gallery.
Music: live music.

The Hard Rock Cafe


The Hard Rock Cafe Moscow was opened on the 17th of September 2003. The 116th Hard Rock Cafe in the world and the second biggest restaurant in Europe, it took on a life of its own, a spot in the heart of the city on the Old Arbat.
The Old Arbat is one of the most picturesque and historical areas of Moscow. Well-known to both visitors and residents alike, the Hard Rock Cafe is located in a four-story building with 2100 square meters of space -- enough to fit more than 500 visitors in our three bars and retail store. The interior and the atmosphere of the cafe will help you feel the true spirit of Rock-n-Roll. With a wide assortment of delicious food and drinks, availability of genuine Hard Rock merchandise, and the live performances by groups from around the world, Hard Rock Cafe Moscow is the perfect place to go for your entertainment and dining pleasure. 

Stop in to see new items from our collection of famous Russian musicians who play on our stage.
The Radisson Royal Flotilla

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The Radisson Royal Flotilla yachts are state-of-the-art river yachts-restaurants meant for excursion and entertainment cruises along the Moskva River for citizens and visitors of Moscow. Due to constructive characteristics, yacht performance and equipment the flotilla yachts are able to easily break the ice and ensure comfort of passengers even in severe Russian winter.

• All year round navigation -365 days a year

• Services: daily cruises with fixed schedule

• Touristic packages, family weekends, tastings and seasonal offers, renting opportunities, experienced banqueting team, audio excursion about attractions along the route in 2 languages on mp3 players or free iPhone application; free internet access (Wi-Fi).

• Our yachts meet the highest safety standards including those related to environment.

• The yachts and pier are adopted for use by handicapped people: you just need to call us and inform about your upcoming visit. We will install a special lifting tool and our team members will be glad to help passengers on wheelchairs!

The flotilla is located at the following address: subway station "Kievskaya", 2/1 Kutuzovsky prospect, bld.1, Hotel Ukraina Pier